We assist companies in various functions of their marketing efforts, be it if you have a foreign or domestic start-up and need to assert your position or if you are an established actor looking at repositioning or widening your target market.

Our approach

  • We believe each company has its own unique set of value proposition and target market. Having a clear and mutual understanding of those basic elements is our departing point
  • We use technology to support our processes and work with transparency and efficiency, squeezing out mundane tasks and dedicating our time to analysis and better understanding of your target groups
  • We work closely with you throughout the entire process up until delivery
  • We always work to attain our agreed upon target and beyond
  • We don't just let you hang in there with final reports once we are done. Depending on our engagement we work closely with our counterpart within your organization to realize a knowledge transfer where we ascertain that your internal capacity can continue working as efficiently as we ourselves do

Market specific solutions

Investment - is your one-stop investment facilitation subsidiary of Sewite. We are able to provide a qualified and dependable service through our wide network of partner companies with which we collaborate in some aspects of our service rendering.

For more about please refer to our subsidiary's website here.

Real estate

We engage at early stage of your project and help you shape up a market strategy and roll out a full sales organization in full alignment with commonly agreed frameworks.

For us real estate agency is a profession and not a hit and run game played at the expense of every other party involved.

We are further enabled in this ambition by our clients that are equally driven developers that base their success on their customers 100% satisfaction.

We create sales organization that simply perform by attracting driven individuals and by providing them knowledge, support, opportunities and competitive advantages.

Our method has shown to be successful and during 2014 - 17 we have managed to promote and successfully hand over to end clients a sizable number of residential and commercial projects.