ROC Spaces

ROC Spaces is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Asset Management PLC, a recently established company by senior members of the real estate industry with the aim of introducing innovative approaches to managing properties.

The burgeoning real estate market has led to growth in various related segments of the market to which our company Fassil Mekonnen Memorial Wood Work Plc finds itself in a very good fit with. We primarily supply custom made wood related finishing materials for real estate developers and individuals. was established during 2012 in order to facilitate foreign and domestic investors with most of their conducts, and we regularly assist our customers with setting up company, financial solutions, legal services, joint venture arrangement, logistics, product sourcing both domestically and abroad etc

Afro China Group is a dependable partner in sourcing and freight forwarding with its main seat in China, and a branch office in Ethiopia. We aim at easing routines of multinational business conduct. Whether you are in Ethiopia looking to import from China or in China looking for a reliable partner in Ethiopia we provide end-to-end service in import and export trade including sourcing, freight forwarding, and representation.